EZthompson New Year's Resolvution #1
Repeat after me, "I resolve to travel to Marysville, WA for the 4th Annual Team Thompson WrestleMania Weekend this year."

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The 4th Annual Team Thompson WrestleMania Weekend Is Coming Soon!
(see countdown above)

Click Here for Greg's WrestleMania Promo Slide Show
(at 9.0 MB, it's a large file, so please be patient)

Are You Ready for the Mania?

Activities Include:

Karaoke/Dancing Night

Big Ben's WrestleMania Trivia Contest

Know Your WWE Superstar Audio / Video Contests

Who Am I Contest? (either a member of Team Thompson or a WWE Superstar)


Lots of Pre-Mania Bragging about who will predict the outcome of the most matches

Ric Flair "Woo" Contest

...all that, and a whole lot more.

The Storm
2005-2006 Boys & Girls Club Basketball Champions

23-18 was the final score of the Championship Game
...click here for a few more end of the season celebration pictures...

Gary's Product Endorsement

If the blonde won't come to me in the wintertime,
I'll go to the blonde.
...click here for a few more pictures...

Bo & Daisy: The Best Cats In The World

Aren't they just the cutest cats you've ever seen?
...click here for a few more pictures...

Hunter's 1st 6 Months Video (9.88 MB)
...click here and be patient as it is quite a large file...


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