"The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page." - Saint Augustine (354-439), Christian church father, philosopher, bishop.

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- The Shed's Foundation & Some Additional Sidewalk is ready.

Say Hello To The Newest Thompson!
- It's a boy!

Gary & Yvonne's Backyard
- It's March & The Raspberries & Pear Tree are blooming already!

Marysville Skateboarding Video
- Kyle A & Friends boarding in front of our house at dusk (be patient, it's a large video file)

Alexis' Birthday Pics
- She's 9 years old (half way to adulthood)

Mason Rocks EZthompson!
Rock Star
Mason says, "I'm an instant star, just add water and stir."

Greg & Carli are avid EZthompson.com promoters...
EZthompson.com Cheer Squad
...as such, they are the Official Cheerleaders of EZthompson.com

Kaloeb is the official pace car driver for EZthompson
Kaloeb - an Ausi TT driving son of a gun!
Naturally, Audi is his car of choice (custom painted in EZthompson orange)

Kyle T Is the Pushup King!
The Pushup King
Everytime the Portland State Football team scores a touchdown or kicks a field goal,
Kyle T converts PSU's total points into pushups.

Greg & Melissa Graduate This Summer. (Fortunately, due to recent advances in time travel,
I was able to get a picture of them at their graduation party a couple of months from now)
Melissa collects her Bachelor's degree in Liberal Arts on August 28th, 2005.
Greg gets will be getting his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication

Who Will be the first Thompson in the Pool this year?
Maybe it'll be Greg performing his perfect cannonball.
The Perfect Cannonball
Or maybe it'll be Gary performing his perfect cannonball.

Ladies & Gentlemen
Coming This Memorial Weekend To The Oregon Coast
An Eden Hall: Side Door Cafe Perennial Favorite
The one...the only...Grandpa Gary Thompson!!!

Grandpa Gary Sings
We all know Grandma Sue is a huge Grandpa Gary Fanatic.
If you are a fan, and would like to send him an email, click here
(please, no ticket requests)

Danny & Julia Snuggly-Wuggly
The latest picture of Julia & Daniel - June 2005

And here's Julia performing her 'Purple & Gold' cheer

Jet Ski Gary

It's almost Jet Ski Season. Woo!

Sea Doo Family

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