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  October 26, 2013
  EZLibero Lex Highlights Vol. 3
  Libero Lex Highlights Vol. 3
  Click here or on the image above to watch Lex's latest highlight reel.
  Click here if you'd like to see more Libero Lex Highlights.
  EZSenior Night Volleyball
  Thursday night was the last home game of the regular season.  Thus, it was a night to honor the seniors on the Lake Stevens Varsity Volleyball team.  Enjoy the pictures.
  Bill, Susan & Alexis
  Bill & Susan were there to watch Alexis' Lake Stevens Vikings defeat Audrey's Arlington Eagles.
  Click here if you'd like to watch highlights from the match.
  Jan, Darlene & Alexis
  Jan & Darlene also helped Lex celebrate her third year of playing varsity volleyball.
  Libeo Lex Pregame Introduction
  Alexis during the pregame introductions.
  Lake Stevens Seniors
  The Lake Stevens Seniors: Emily, Kelly, Molli, Caitlin, Kendall & Alexis.
  Alexis' Senior Night Pictogram
  Each senior had their own poster of pictures.
  Here are some of the picture in the mural above.
  2010 Spike 'n Dig Tournament
  Lex at the 2010 Spike 'n Dig Tournament.
  2011 Lake VBC
  2011 on the Lake Volleyball Club.
  2011 Lake VBC
  2011 Lake Volleyball Club action shot.
  2011 Lake Volleyball Club
  At the 2011 Willamette Tournament on the campus of Oregon State University.
  2011 Lake Volleyball Club
  Lex demonstrating perfect libero form on the Beavers home court.
  Jump Serve Alexis
  Another demonstration of perfect form on a jump serve.
  JV Volleyball Champs

As a freshman, Alexis and her teammates won the WESCO JV Tournament.

  2007 Husky Camp
  Alexis & Coach Crystal Morrison in 2007 at the Husky Volleyball Camp.
  2008 Incrediblues
  2008 Boys & Girls Club Incrediblues team photo.
  2009 Backyard Volleyball Practice
  2009 Backyard Volleyball Practice.
  Down Referee Alexis
  2009 Lake VBC Down Referee Alexis
  2009 Alexis
  2009 Husky Camp
  2009 Husky Camp
  2009 Husky Camp with Coach Jim McLaughlin.
  2010 Lake Teammates
  2010 Lake Volleyball teammates: Caitlin, Lex & Molli.
  Neighbor Salmon Gift
  The other day neighbor Steve gave me a nice pink salmon.  Since I'm the only one who eats salmon in our house, I've cut it up into nice steak size filets.  Tonight I'll be enjoying the first cut.  Woo!
  The Crossroads of Stevenson & Thompson
  Last weekend Yvonne & drove up to see Bill & Susan's house in Anacortes.  On the way to their house is this intersection.  Woo!!!
  October 23, 2013
  New Grandma Darlene
  New Grandma Darlene
  October 20, 2013
  EZMusical Siblings
  Musical Siblings: Blake & Violet
  Coming soon, their first music video.
  Bathtime with Blake & Violet
  It certainly looks like bath time is a lot of fun for these two.
  EZHot tubin'...Woo!!!
  As promised on my September 30, 2013 post, the hot tub is now officially open for business, or should I say open for pleasure.
  Gary & Yvonne Hot Tubin'
  You'd be smiling too if you were sitting in our hot tub right now.
  Yvonne is Lovin' It!
  Yvonne is all smiles when she is surrounded by bubbling water.
  Hot Tub Sudoku
  And with the hot tub working, that means I'll be doing more Sudoku puzzles while enjoying all 80 jets on the weekends again.
  Hot Tub Sudoku - Only 5 Star Difficulty Rating
  And of course the minimum difficulty rating is 5 stars...Woo!!!
  Hot Tub Leaking Parts
  These were the 2 main parts that were leaking that I had to cut out and replace.
  Missing Hot Tub Parts
  The areas circled in red indicate where the main parts were removed.
  Replacement Parts in a Box
  Here is what $158 worth of hot tub parts looks like.  The size of the box was much more impressive that the parts inside.
  Look what I found in the EZ
  Hot Tub Invoice
  The invoice of parts.
  Hot Tub Invoice #2
  The second invoice to repair the other 'minor' leaks.
  EZVideo Archives
  Dad & Greg Enjoying Some Team Thompson Weisers
  I don't have many hot tub videos, but I did find this one from Mania Weekend 2008.  Woo!!!
  Click here or on the picture above to watch Dad & Greg in the hot tub.
  October 15, 2013
  EZDriveway Parking
  Driveway Parking
  If you like it when all of the cars are backed in to the driveway..give me a Stone Cold.
  October 7, 2013
  EZLibero Lex
  Lake Stevens Varsity Volleyball Team
  The Lake Stevens Varsity Volleyball Team.
  Captain Libero Lex
  Team Captain & #1 Libero...Alexis Alverson
  EZBoat Winter Storage
  The Frolich Compound
  This marks the forth year that Shane & Teresa have been nice enough to let us keep our boat at the Frolich Compound in Arlington.  And the third (and probably final year) for the Transhield Shrink Wrap Boat Cover.  The best $300 we ever spent on the boat.
  The Frolich Compound
  The main entrance gate to Shane & Teresa's.
  The Frolich Compound
  The Frolich sign just inside the main gate.
  The Frolich Compound
  A panoramic view of the shop.
  The Frolich Compound
  A panoramic view of the house and shop.  Shane & Teresa Rock!  Woo!!!
  October 4, 2013
  EZGarage Summertime Project
  At the beginning of summer, I finally decided that it was time to get rid of the old kitchen cabinets in the garage.
  The sagging shelves, broken drawers and warped countertops were beyond repair...and I was looking for a good summertime project.
  I broke this project up into 2 phases.  Phase One would be to build the shelves against the east wall.  Phase Two would consist of either building or buying cabinets for the south wall.
  Unfortunately, this is the only "before" picture I took after I had already removed the flimsy wire shelves that were directly above both cabinets and countertops.
  Garage Remodel Picture #1
  The cabinets actually look in decent shape with all of their contents removed.
  Garage Remodel Picture #2
  This is a picture after Phase One was complete.  Phase One was building the shelves on the left side of the picture.
  Garage Remodel Picture #3
  A better picture of Phase One.
  Garage Remodel Picture #4
  An organized Phase One with the supplies for Phase Two laid out on and beside the pool table.
  Garage Remodel Picture #5
  The last picture before I started construction on Phase Two.
  Garage Remodel Picture #6
  Building the cabinets for Phase Two. 
  Here is a link to the online plans I used (and modified accordingly). 
  Installing Large Garage Cabinets
  Garage Remodel Picture #7
  Oh yeah, those cabinets are level and built around the main breaker box and the two 20 amp electrical runs I installed last winter.  Woo!
  Garage Remodel Picture #8
  Things are coming along.  You'll notice that in this picture there is no pegboard above the countertop.
  Garage Remodel Picture #9
  And in this picture the cabinet doors and the pegboard that covers the main breaker box have been installed and painted. Naturally, I put the pegboard on hinges so that it's still easy to get to the breaker box.
  Garage Remodel Picture #10
  A panoramic picture of what the garage looks like now.  A gym to the left, a pool table in the middle and storage in the back and to the right.
  Garage Remodel Picture #11
  As summer came to a close and Fall is upon us, this project is officially complete.
  Total cost was approximately $550.
  $200 for the two pharmaceutical cabinets purchase from a guy in Mill Creek on Craigslist that support the countertop.
  $40 for the 8' countertop purchased from a guy on Craigslist in Everett.
  About $300 for all the lumber and hardware purchased at Lowe's.
  The price for an organized and fully utilized garage...Priceless.
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  2013 Boating Log.
  Pre-Entry One: Picked up the boat from Shane & Teresa's house
  May 2, 2013 - Marysville, WA: Gary
  Picked up the boat at Shane & Teresa's.
  Entry One: Lake Stevens, WA
  May 4, 2013 - Lake Stevens, WA: Gary & Yvonne on the "official" opening day of boating season.
  Afternoon Sunning & Boating
  Air Temp: 78° / Water Temp: 60°
  Notes: Yvonne worked from home while Gary got the boat ready for it's inaugural launch of the year. We launched around 4pm and docked at Dan & Jenni Kelliher's house for half an hour for a quick "hello".
  Entry Two: Lake Stevens, WA
  June 6, 2013 - Lake Stevens, WA: Gary & Bryce on the "official" opening day of boating season.
  Late Afternoon/Early Evening Wake Surfing
  Air Temp: 78° / Water Temp: Did Not Record
  Notes: Gary had 3 wake surf sessions and Bryce had 2 wakesurf sessions.  We picked up Dan Kelliher for Gary's last surf run and gave him a 15 minute break from his landscaping chores. Yvonne & Alexis did not go as they had hair appointments followed by volleyball practice in preparation for the Florida tournament in 2 weeks.
  Entry Three: Lake Goodwin, WA
  July 14, 2013 - Lake Goodwin, WA: Gary, Yvonne & Alexis.
  Late Morning / Afternoon Cruising & Wake Surfing.  I surfed behind Shane & Teresa's boat and ended up getting hit in the head with my surfboard.  "If you're not're not trying."  Trailering the boat took 45 minutes due to the comedy of errors of people launching & trailering ahead of us.
  Air Temp: 84° / Water Temp: 77°
  Notes: We launched in Renton at the Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park.  Boat traffic in and around the boat launch was unusually light for a sunny Saturday afternoon.  The parking lot has really tight spaces with little room for wide turns.  NG!
  Entry Four: Lake Washington, WA
  July 20, 2013 - Lake Washington, WA: Gary, Yvonne & Sabina.
  Afternoon/Early Evening Lap around Mercer Island with Wake Surfing sessions with Seahawks training facility & with Mt. Rainier backdrops (pictures coming soon)
  Air Temp: 84° / Water Temp: 77°
  Notes: We launched in Renton at the Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park.  Boat traffic in and around the boat launch was unusually light for a sunny Saturday afternoon.  The parking lot has really tight spaces with little room for wide turns.  NG!
  Entry Five: Lake Stevens, WA
  August 17, 2013 - Lake Stevens, WA: Gary, Yvonne, Alexis with Ron, Allie & Paige Payseno.
  Wake Surfing with the Payseno's...Woo!!!
  Air Temp: 76° / Water Temp: 76°
  Notes: Mostly overcast skies with some sun breaks. The least crowded August day on the lake I've ever seen even thought the temperature was perfect.
  Entry Six: Lake Stevens, WA
  August 18, 2013 - Lake Stevens, WA: Gary & Yvonne,
  Afternoon lunch & cruising.
  Air Temp: 78° / Water Temp: 76°
  Notes: A little windier than usual this afternoon.
  Entry Seven: Lake Stevens, WA
  September 1, 2013 - Lake Stevens, WA: Gary, Yvonne, Alexis, Scott (w/ Jenny & Gabby) & Audrey (picked up at Kahlia's dock).
  Afternoon wakesurfing, wakeboarding, lunch, tanning & cruising.
  Air Temp: 80° / Water Temp: 76°
  Notes: After boating, we went to the outlet mall and unsuccessfully found board shorts for me (inspired by Scott), then we ate dinner at Olive Garden with Audrey.
  Post-Entry Seven: Dropped the boat off at Shane & Teresa's house
  September 29, 2013 - Marysville, WA: Gary
  Dropped the boat off at Shane & Teresa's house (until next year's boating season)
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