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  March 28, 2013
  EZCoastie Viewing: The view from high atop Aloha Tower.
  Dad Atop Aloha Tower
  Grandpa Gary says, "There's no better view on the island of Oahu."
  And from the Atlantic ocean...
  Mom Haiti Trip
  Earlier this year Grandma Sue visited Haiti as part of GSLC's Hope For Faith.
  March 24, 2013
  EZDrumming: Blake is a the little drummer boy.
  Drummer Blake
  Click the picture or click here to see the drum off between he and Buddy Rich.
  EZTrivia: What Christmas Song is Blake singing?  Text your answer to Bill & Melissa using the hashtag #DrummerBlake.
  March 23, 2013
  EZSpring Weather: Yesterday morning it was snowing in Everett & Marysville.
  Gary's Office View
  The view from and a reflection of Gary's office.
  Snow Outside Police Headquarters
  The sidewalk outside of the Everett Police Station.
  Yvonne was in South Carolina this week and she insisted on having me text her a picture of Bo & Daisy while she was gone.  Here are those pictures.
  Bo Daddy     Daisy Duke
  When Yvonne is not around to snuggle with, Bo & Daisy settle for my lap.
  March 17, 2013
  Volleyball     EZVideo Editing: Alexis drove Audrey to volleyball practice today while Shane & I created an Audrey highlight video from last weekend's tournament in Burlington.
  Shane, Audrey & Alexis w/ the Gary Picture
  Of course before leaving, Shane insisted on having his picture taken with "The Gary" picture.
  Audrey Burlington Highlights
  Click the picture above or click here to see our hard work and Audrey's Burlington Highlights
BTW - Today's hard work consisted of clicking the mouse, drinking beer and playing pool.
  After working hard creating Audrey's video, Shane kicked my butt in a few rounds of pool.
  Shane Kicked Gary's Butt in Pool
  The final score was Shane 8 / Gary 4.  Ouch!
  March 16, 2013
  Volleyball     EZHammer Time: Last weekend as Alexis and her Fusion Volleyball teammates were on their way to winning the tournament, they executed a play for the first time this season.  The play is called "The Hammer" and Coach Don told Shane & I before the match that they were going to run the play at sometime during that match.  The key to running the play is to force your opponent into passing a "free ball" over the net. Read below for a description of how the play is executed.
  Fusion U17 Hammer Time Video
  Alexis then takes control with the first touch...She passes to Kendle the setter...As she's passing the ball to Kendle...Rachael The Red Hitter moves to the middle...Larissa The Middle moves to the outside...Audrey The Outside Hitter runs between Larissa and Rachael to Hammer the ball...while Kahlia & Alexis fake a back row attack.
  Click the image or click here to see "The Hammer" in real time, slow motion & at double speed.
  March 13, 2013
  Volleyball     EZChampions: Last weekend Alexis and her Fusion U17 teammates won the U17 Burlington, WA International tournament.  Here are some championship pictures from last Sunday.
  Alexis' Patented Jump Serve
  Alexis served up 13 aces at last Sunday's tournament.
  Fusion U17 Tournament Champions
  When you win tournaments everyone smiles big afterwards.
  Fusion U17 Tournament Champions Silly Picture
  Followed by a championship silly picture.
  Fusion Ice Cream
  And when you hold one of your opponents to single digits AND win the tournament, you get to enjoy not just one but two scoops of ice cream.  Woo!!!
  THELiberoLex     Don't forget to click here and check out Alexis' YouTube Channel for exclusive 'Libero Lex' highlights.
  March 13, 2013
  EZStudent of the Month: That would be Alexis.
  Alexis is Student of the Month
  Tonight was the official School District ceremony celebrating Alexis as Lake Stevens High School Student of the Month for February.
  EZRoot Canal Time: I went in to see the dentist today and found out I need a root canal on my tooth.
  Gary's Tooth Pre-Root Canal
  The area circled in red is the tooth abscess.  Repairs are scheduled for tomorrow morning in Everett.
  This is the tooth that I call my 'Kyle tooth' because this is the one that is sore from time to time from the grinding it gets at night sometimes as a result of my worries about Kyle.
  Side Note: Unfortunately it's been almost a year since the last time I've even seen Kyle, but that doesn't mean I don't miss him and worry about him.
  March 9, 2013
  Volleyball     EZLibero Lex Highlights: While Alexis is winning 2nd place at the State DECA Championships, I've been busy editing her latest volleyball highlight video.
  Libero Lex Power League #3 Highlights
  Click the picture above or click here to watch the latest Libero Lex Power League Tournament #3 Highlight video.
  YouTube Channel - TheLiberoLEx
  Alexis now has her own YouTube Channel to showcase her skills.
  Of course it's aptly named 'TheLiberoLex'.
  Click here to watch a few of her highlight videos (with more coming soon)
  March 8, 2013
  EZCruising: I talked to Mom & Dad this evening after reading the emails that they sent out and they sure are looking forward to their 2-week Hawaiian cruise.  Here are the emails each of them sent.
  Mom's email:
  Hi Everyone,
  Dad and I are excited to let you all know we are going on a cruise to Hawaii with some friends leaving this Saturday 3/9 and returning 3/23/13.
  We will be on the Sapphire Princess leaving from LA. For an emergency the phone number is 910-329-7447 our stateroom is B749.
  Hopefully there will be no emergencies! We will have our phones off until we reach Hawaii and would love to talk once we get there. I can receive unlimited texts anytime but can't return them (until Hawaii) without a lot of expense. Here is our itinerary:
  Sat. 3/9 depart LA 4pm
  Sun. 3/10 at sea
  Mon. 3/11 at sea
  Tues. 3/12 at sea
  Wed. 3/13 at sea
  Thurs. 3/14 Hilo Hawaii arrive 9am depart 6pm
  Fri. 3/15 Honolulu Hawaii arrive 7am depart 11pm
  Sat. 316 Kauai arrive 8am depart 5pm
  Sun. 317 Maui arrive 7am depart 6pm
  Mon. 3/18 at sea
  Tues. 3/19 at sea
  Wed. 3/20 at sea
  Thurs. 3/21 at sea
  Fri. 3/22 Ensenada Mexico arrive 4pm depart 8pm
  Sat. 3/23 arrive LA at 7am
  Hawaii is 3 hours ahead of west coast time so will try to remember that and not call any of you in the very early morning from Hawaii :) Pray for calm seas please, that is the only hesitation I had about this much time in the ocean. Looking forward to telling you all about it when we get home.
  Love to you all
  Dad's email:
  Mom and I are so 'pumped' about cruising to Hawaii from the LA Harbor starting tomorrow for 14 days.
  Going with another couple from 'The Groves', also by the name of Thompson (Bob & Joan). Fun couple w/ lots of energy.
  We're looking forward to some restful relaxing, great dining, nightly shipboard entertainment, afternoon fun and games, movies under the stars, hot tubbing, Hawaii nature talks, karaoke (can you say "Woo"), etc.
  We'll be stopping at 4 islands in the Hawaii chain and spending a day each there.
  In Honolulu we'll be going to the Pearl Harbor Memorial and the USS Missouri (where Japanese surrendered in WWII
  Looking fwd to some great day trips in the islands and an overall great trip.
  That's it from here.
  That's it from here.
  March 6, 2013
  EZCat Jogging: What does Bo like to do just before bedtime?
  Bo The Cat Jogger Watcher
  EZ HD Logo
  Why...of course he likes to watch cat videos (it helps him sleep watching other felines workout).
  Click the picture above or just click here to watch Bo watch a cat on a treadmill.
  If you'd like to watch the original video that Bo watched, then click here.
  March 2, 2013
  EZT-shirts: Blake Rocks & Violet Rolls.
  Blake Rocks & Violet Rolls
  Rock On Stevensons...Woo!!!
  Blake Rocks
  Hmm...It looks like someone's been eating a hot fudge sundae.
  Violet Rolls
  Violet always goes sockless...that how she rolls (at least in this picture).
  Hunter presents today's agenda.
  Hunter's Schedule

I see Hunter is a coffee drinker just like his Uncle Gary.  Woo!!!

  March 1, 2013
  EZBirthday Girl: It's official...Alexis can officially go to R-rated movies all by herself now.
  Alexis Birthday Presents
  Here she is posing with her birthday loot.
  Alexis Birthday Family Picture
  And the birthday family picture with Darlene, Jan, Mason, Alexis, Yvonne & Maggie (picture taken with Gary's 'new' blue phone).
  Gary VMware Lunchtime Walking
  Today was the last day of my week long VMware training class and it was a good day for another lunchtime walk.  This time Kevin tagged along with me as we hiked up the road alongside the 520 bridge.
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  2013 Boating Log.
  Pre-Entry One
  TBD - Marysville, WA: Gary
  Pick up the boat at Shane & Teresa's.
  Misc Travel Distances
  Travel Distances
  Marysville Driveway - to - TTHQ = 325 miles
  Marysville Driveway - to - Lake Coeur d' Alene, ID (Cave Bay/Worley, ID) = 344 miles
  Marysville Driveway - to - Crescent Bar, WA = 188 miles
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