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  January 29, 2013
  EZVolleyball: Here are a few pictures from last weekend's Power League #1 Tournament.
  Power League Picture 1     Power League Picture 2
  The Fusion paparazzi always stake out the best spot to film on the court.
  Power League Picture 3     Power League Picture 4
  And the server tosses the ball and.....................................Lex is there to receive it.
  Power League Picture 6    Power League Picture 5
  Winning a long point is very exciting.
  Power League Picture 7
  And winning matches is super exciting.  Woo!!!
  January 27, 2013
  EZVolleyball: Today was the first day of Power League Volleyball Tournament of the Year.
  Alexis' Fusion team didn't do so well today as they were 1-4 overall, but there were quite a few highlights.
  Alexis Power League #1 Highlights
  Click here or on the picture above to see Lex's highlights.
  AKA & AKK Highlights
  Click here or on the picture above to see the AKA & AKK Highlights.
  January 24, 2013:
  EZEating: Old with the old and in with the new.
  New Kitchen Table
  Our new kitchen table and chairs.
  'Old' Kitchen Table
  The 'old' dining set.
  A week ago we signed Alexis up on a college volleyball recruiting web site.
  Alexis' First Webinar
  The other night she sat in on her first webinar and commented on how some people were totally unprepared for the meeting.  I had to inform her that this is normal and that lots of people go through life slowing down those who do come ready to work.

EZTip of the Day: My old flight instructor advised me to always follow the 6P's.

  Daisy has a new favorite spot.
  Yvonne & Daisey
  Who do you think is the most comfortable, Yvonne or Daisy?
  EZVolleyball: Here are 3/4 of the AKA & AKK attackers.
  Khalia, Alexis & Audrey
  What do you mean you haven't watched last weekend's highlight video?
  Scroll down to Jan. 21st and watch the AKA & AKK top plays from the MLK Tournament last weekend.
  January 23, 2013:
  EZReading: We all know that the Godfather of Mania Weekend is Grandpa Gary. For Christmas, we got Dad a few Wrastlin' books.  Here is his first official book review.
  Book Review
  By: Gary Thompson, Sr. January 23, 2013
  “My Favorite Match” By WWE Superstars…..given to me for Christmas 2012 by Gary Jr.
  This is a terrific Christmas present I received from my son, Gary Jr.
  The book is an exceptionally good read. While the Library of Congress catalogs this as ‘Juvenile Literature’, it can be a captivating ‘read’ for adults like myself.
  While I have never met any of the wrestlers mentioned in the book in person, I almost feel I am best friends with all of them, because I know so much about them and their mat tactics, and what goes through their minds as they dwell on things (you know, like their opponents weaknesses and finishing moves).
  The book is written in an easy-to-read style, so there is no need to have a dictionary nearby. It’s kinda like written at a 6th grade level, which I think is good, cause it probably makes it more readable by the younger set.
  The book did not contain any words I didn’t understand, as most of the words were either one or two syllables in length; here again, I’m sure that this was to appeal more to the youth readers. Each of the book’s 26 chapters were crammed full of really neat stuff about a whole bunch of wrestlers. For example, did you know that Bob Orton got the nickname ‘ACE’ because that was the bandage brand that he wore on his right forearm?
  The above info made it a hard book to put down, once I picked it up. For example, did you know that Mick Foley’s ‘Mr. Socko’ originated at the foot of the hospital bed of none other than the WWE Titan, Vincent Kennedy McMahon? For more on Foley, the hard-core-legend, rush to the next paragraph.
  These WWE Superstars put their bodies on the line every time they enter the ‘squared circle’. For example, look at all the thumb tacks in the ring during the Mick Foley vs. Randy Orton match at 2004’s WWE Backlash.
  When Randy was body slammed by Foley, onto the thumb tacks that covered the canvas, you could see the tacks stuck to his back. Man, that must’ve hurt, so again here’s living proof that wrestling is real and not phony, like a lot of people say (you know, from the same gene pool that thought the world was flat and that the moon is full of cheese!).
  These ‘favorite match’ stories are told from the heart, and full of a lot of blood, sweat and tears, to say nothing of the revenge sought by some of these men to get even with their opponents.
  This book is one phenomenal read!
  Gary Thompson, Sr.
  January 22, 2013:
  The skies are blue and the grass is short.
  Dad Lawn Bowling
  Grandpa Gary is a serious lawn bowler in 'The Groves'
  January 21, 2013:
  Alexis & her Fusion U17 Volleyball Team played in the MLK Tournament this past weekend.
  Click on the image above or click here to see the AKA & AKK Highlight Reel
(Alexis passes to Kendle who sets to Audrey or Kahlia who then puts it away with a beautiful kill).
  EZDrinking: I finally got around to installing Alexis' Christmas present in her Mini Cooper.
  Mini Cooper Cupholders         
  Here is a picture of the 'old' (bottom) & 'new' (top) cup holders together.
  Mini Cooper Cupholder
  And then there was one cup holder.
  January 15, 2013:
  EZReminder: Melissa's due date is Feb. 4th. 
  Blake kissing Melissa's Belly
  Blake is going to be a good, loving brother.
  Melissa 8 Months Pregnant
  Melissa looks good at 8 months, doesn't she?
  Alexis wanted to get this on the homepage.
  Daisey Duke
  Alexis claims that this is the exact position that she's in when she falls asleep at night.
  January 12, 2013:
  EZThank You: I got a Target Gift Card from Mom & Dad for Christmas.  After thinking long and hard about what to use it for, I finally decided to upgrade the keyboard & mouse that I use to keep EZThompson updated. After all, wired technology is so 1999.
  Gary's Christmas Present From Mom & Dad
  For those of you keeping score at home, you're looking at a 'Microsoft Wireless Comfort Keyboard/Mouse 5000'
  Thank you Mom & Dad.
  EZ HD Logo
  EZFun Fact: I made this video while Yvonne was at a Pampered Chef Party and Alexis was at the movies with friends watching Les Miserables.
  <This video is 16 MB . . . this video plays faster on mobile devices . . . it takes a few seconds to play on a PC's browser>.
  EZCookies: The other night Alexis mixed up a batch of cookie dough using her Christmas present mixer.
  A Big Ball of Cookie Dough
  That's a big ball of cookie dough!
  Cam Wow Me     Cam Wow Me Again
  These pictures were taken with Gary's new blue phone using the Cam Wow Filter App . . . Whoop-De-Do!
  January 11, 2013:
  VolleyballEZVolleyball: Here are a few pictures from last weekends first volleyball tournament of the year.
  Fusion Huddle     "Coach Ur & Lex
  Pre-game huddle and Coach "Ur' & Alexis talk strategy during a timeout.
  Lex Pass    Lex Serve
  Alexis on a serve receive and doing her best Aunt Melissa 'Picture Time: Close-Your-Eyes' impression.
   Lex Serve     Lex Pass
  Another Aunt Melissa 'Picture Time: Close-Your-Eyes' impression followed by a nice serve receive.
  Lex Pass     Lex Serve
  Alexis getting low for a pass and still another Aunt Melissa 'Picture Time: Close-Your-Eyes' impression.
  EZPhone Update: Good news!   For Christmas, Yvonne bought Gary a new phone. 
  Gary's Old Blue Phone
  Here I am taking a picture of my old phone with the camera built-in to my new phone.
  Gary's New Blue Phone
  Fortunately the new phone is also blue, so it shouldn't be too hard of a transition for your dutiful webmaster. . . whew! 
  Goodbye 1G and hello 4G.
  January 6, 2013:
  VolleyballEZVolleyball: Yesterday was the first day of the club volleyball season. And what a way to start the new year.  The day began when the alarm went off at 4am and ended when we got home last night at 10:40pm.  It was a long day in Tumwater, WA at the South Sound Sports Center (with very spotty Verizon Cell Service).
  South Sound Sports
  It was a good day for volleyball though as the Lex's Fusion U17 team advanced from 29th place to 20th place in the U18 division. Not bad for a team made up of 15 & 16 year old girls.
  Highlight videos coming soon.
  January 2, 2013:
  EZLogo: I stayed home from work today because my non-smoker's smokers cough still lingers.  So while not talking to anyone, I played around with various animations of the EZthompson logo.  Here are some of the better ones:
  EZ Spinning Globe
  EZSpinning Globe
  January 1, 2013: HAPPY NEW YEAR
  EZthompson Video Upgrade: Great news for all you Team Thompson Maniacs who are smart phone users!  All future videos will be posted in MP4 format. That means you can now watch your favorite Team Thompson videos in HD on your iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Android, PC, Mac, Surface or whatever else suits your high definition video needs.  Woo!!!
  EZ HD Logo
  This video is 640 x 360 = 12.9mb
  Yesterday we helped Darlene celebrate her 50th birthday.  After dinner, deserts and presents Darlene modeled her new favorite sock monkey pajamas.
  Darlene modeling her sock monkey pajamas
  These PJ's should keep Darlene's feet nice and warm at night now.
  Kaloeb is staying with Greg & Carli this Christmas break. Here he is with Hunter's new puppy.
  Kaloeb & New Puppy
  I don't know about you, but I've had better days off from work.  After battling a cold for the better (or worse) part of last week, I finally went to the Smokey Point walk-in clinic on Saturday night after battling a cough for 5 days.  It took 2 hours of waiting to finally get a diagnosis of bronchitis.  I'm starting to feel a little better now, but don't talk to me unless you enjoy the sound of a non-smoker's smokers-cough.
  Gary Waiting to see the doctor
  At least I had my new blue phone with me to help pass the time in the lobby (listening to music & personalizing tiles).
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