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  February 27, 2013
  EZCookie Dough: The other night I made a batch of cookie dough and everyone immediately had to have a big spoonful.
  Family Cookie Dough Time
  Mmm, Mmm, Mmm...Woo!!!
  Blueberry Bloom
  The blueberry bushes are already beginning to bloom.
  Lake Washington Duck
  This week I'm in Kirkland for a VMware training class.  During our lunch break, I head out on the walking path along Lake Washington and enjoy the scenery.
  February 24, 2013
  EZSaturday: Yvonne & I took the Edmonds to Kingston ferry yesterday to visit longtime friends Sean & Brenda who recently moved to Poulsbo last May.  During our visit Sean was gracious enough to let me enjoy my very first Cuban cigar while we sat on the patio and enjoyed their waterfront view. 
  Gary Cuban Cigar
  Not the best picture of me, but you'd probably look a little goofy too after puffing on a Montecristo #4 for a while.
  It was a very enjoyable cigar with a good draw and bit of an oaky flavor.
  Sean & Brenda Waterfront View
  If you look close enough you should be able to see the seaplane's water landing.
  Sean & Brenda
  I forgot to take a group picture of all of us yesterday, so I lifted this one of the two of them from Brenda's Facebook page.  :)
  February 21, 2013
  EZAlphabet Writing: Blake is just 2 years old and he is already learning how to spell. Currently, his favorite letter is the letter "D."
  Blake's Favorite Letter
  Click here to watch Blake spell the letter "D."
  Snow In The Mountains
  Greg writes: "We received 7 inches of snow in four hours yesterday, and it is almost gone today."
  February 19, 2013
  EZWeekend With Dad: I had a great time with Dad this weekend.  With trips to Costco, Walmart, Radio Shack, Dollar Tree, Harbor Freight Tools and meals at Applebees, Toshi's Teriyaki, Bob's Burgers & Brew with an Everett CC Basketball game & Bruce Willis' latest movie - 'A Good Day To Die Hard' thrown in for good measure, including watching quite a few Netflix-online 'Mania-type' could I not have a good time.
  Dad Just Before Leaving
  Dad drives a 2013 TDI Jetta that get 42+ mpg...Woo!!! 
  He paid $3.89/gallon at Safeway in Arlington (utilizing his $.20/gallon discount).
  My neighbor really likes me.  How do I know?  Check out the poster size picture of me on his front porch. Woo!!!
  Dad With Gary Jr. Picture
  Since I'm such a neighborhood celebrity, Dad insisted on having his picture taken with me.
  ...this may be the first of many 'Gary celebrity' pictures coming soon.
  February 18, 2013
  EZVegas Volleyball: It's been a tough tournament in Las Vegas this weekend.
  But there are still some good pictures worth posting.
  Yvonne & Sofina
  The Las Vegas chaperones Yvonne & Sofina enjoying their balloon hats at Senor Frogs Friday night.
  Alexis Balloon Hat
  EZFun Fact: This is the tallest balloon hat Alexis has ever worn.
  Fusion U17 Takes The Court
  The Fusion U17 team takes to the court for the pregame introductions.
  Fusion U17
  And then everyone waves to all of the fans in attendance.
  Libero Lex
  Alexis prepares for a serve receive.
  Libero Lex
  And with perfect form, here is Alexis preparing for a perfect pass to the setter Kendall (who followed it up with a perfect set to Audrey who then completed the 'AKA Attack' with a perfect kill for another Fusion point.  Woo!!!
  The Condo Pool
  This is the view from the condo patio.  Hmm...I see a volleyball net in the pool.
  February 17, 2013
  EZBirthday Present: I took Dad out for dinner and a basketball game last night. The Everett Trojans defeated the Skagit Cardinals 87-81.  Afterwards, Grandpa Gary sidled up to Tustin, CA native & Skagit's freshman center Brian Zimmerman for an OC Reunion picture.
  Grandpa Gary & Brian Zimmerman
  Brian played 13 minutes and had 10 points & 5 boards in Skagit's defeat. 
  Click here to review last night's box score.
  Go Everett!
  Las Vegas or Mexico?
  Fusion U17 Dinner at Senor Frogs
  Of course it's Las Vegas!  It was a girls night out the evening before the 27th Annual Las Vegas Classic Volleyball Tournament.
  February 16, 2013
  VolleyballEZVolleyball: Alexis and her club volleyball team are in Las Vegas this weekend for the SCVA 27th Annual Las Vegas Classic.  They are playing in the 17 Open Division (the toughest bracket for their age group).
  For this tournament they are ranked 90th out of 173 teams and their first match is at 2pm today against a team
  Click here to see today's bracket and track their progress.
  Here are a couple of pictures from last weekend's Power League #2 Tournament.
  Alexis Serve Receive
  Nobody digs a ball like Libero Lex
  Alexis Getting Ready For Her Next Serve Receive Victim
  And here is Alexis getting ready for her next serve receive victim.
  So while Yvonne & Alexis are in Las Vegas watching & playing volleyball, Grandpa Gary drove to Marysville to keep Gary company.
  An Early Dinner At Applebees
  You can't beat the Happy Hour specials at Applebees.
  Dad Shootin' Pool
  Followed by an evening of pool...Nice form Dad.
  February 13, 2013
  EZSleepin': It certainly looks like Grandma Sue & Blake are enjoying the company of the newest member of Team Thompson.
  Grandma Sue holding Violet
  Violet nappin' with Grandma Sue.
  Blake holding Violet
  Violet sawin' logs with Blake.
  Blake kissing Violet
  Violet catchin' some zzz's while Blake shows her some love.
  Violet Awake
  And you thought she slept all the time.
  February 12, 2013
  EZChristmas Present: After deliberating for a little over a month, I finally figured out what to buy with the Christmas money I received from Jan.
  New Truck Stereo
  I'm looking forward to installing this new stereo in the truck this weekend (with help from Dad who will be in town while Mom helps Melissa out with Blake & Violet).
  Also, it'll be fun utilizing the Bluetooth functionality as I stream music from my phone to it.
  It's not so hard to believe that just 5 years ago, the current Stereo with 6-Disc CD/MP3 Changer was hotter than a Superbowl commercial.
  February 10, 2013
  EZTruckin': It's not hard to believe that we've had our Ford F-150 Supercrew truck for over 5 years now.  It's also not hard to believe that it's only got 60K miles on it.
  60,000 Mile Milestone
  Click the picture above or click here to watch history in the making.
Gary loves the fact that it only takes 17-27 minutes to get to work in the morning (depending upon traffic and the route taken).
  Four weeks ago we we're at Todd & Kelly's watching the Seahawks vs. Falcons 2nd round playoff game.
  It was tough watching the first half as Seattle really struggled.  However, when Seattle scored a touchdown with 30 some odd seconds left in the game, it was pandemonium inside their house as we all jumped up and down, high-fived and prematurely celebrated a Seahawks win.
  Seahawks Premature Victory Celebration

Click the picture above or click here to watch our premature Seahawk victory celebration.  Enough time has passed that I feel I can now post this video because of our high hopes for next year's team.

  Go Hawks!!!  Woo!!!
  February 9, 2013
  EZBreaking News: Violet Lorene is the newest member of Team Thompson.  She weighed in at 9 lbs. 8 ozs.
  Violet Lorene
  A big 3 x "Woo" welcome to you!  Woo!!!  Woo!!!  Woo!!!
  Pre-Violet Lorene
  Here was Melissa & Violet Lorene yesterday.
  I found some video from June of last year that I decided to let PowerDirector auto-magically edit.
  Alki Beach Video Highlights
  Click here if you love Beach Volleyball, Black, Purple & White Varsity Letterman's Jackets & RV Tours.
  EZFamily Dinner: Yvonne's cousin Rick and his wife Kathy were in town last night.  Everyone waited for Gary to get off work before meeting for dinner at Bob's Burgers & Brew.
  Family Cousin Dinner
  If you're going to Bob's, Gary says you can't go wrong ordering the Bleu Cheese Burger.
  February 4, 2013
  VolleyballEZLibero Lex: Alexis has a new recruiting video.  Check it out and notice how little the setter has to move when it's Libero Lex passing the ball.
  EZ HD Logo     Click on the image to view the video.
  In other Alexis news, she's got a couple of web site going to promote her and her club team's volleyball skills.
  Alexis' Athletic Recruiting Web site
  SVVC Fusion Pictures & Videos
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