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  April 29, 2013
  Volleyball  EZFar Western / No Dinx Volleyball Tournament Weekend: We were in Reno, NV this past weekend where we watched Alexis and her Fusion volleyball teammates climb 2 spots to the #13 ranking (up from their pre-tournament ranking of 15).  It was a great weekend to watch some volleyball and enjoy the company of Mom & Dad..
  Mom & Dad in Reno, NV
  Mom & Dad in Reno, NV.
  Gary & Yvonne in Reno, NV
  Gary & Yvonne in Reno, NV.
  The Reno Sign
  The Reno sign from a driver's seat perspective.
  Yvonne, Audrey, Alexis & Gary at the waterfall
  Yvonne, Audrey, Alexis & Gary inside at the Sierra Resort waterfall.
  Shane & the Girls
  Shane & the girls at the same waterfall.
  Gary & The Most Interesting Man in the World    Shane & The Most Interesting Man in the World
  It's true, he really is the most interesting man in the world.
  Here are some facts you may not know about 'The Most Interesting Man In The World'
  • He lives vicariously through himself.
  • He once had an awkward moment, just to see how it feels.
  • His beard alone has experienced more than a lesser man’s entire body.
  • His shirts never wrinkle.
  • He is left-handed and right-handed.
  • The police often question him just because they find him interesting.
  • Cuba imports cigars from him.
  • Mosquitoes refuse to bite him purely out of respect.
  • In museums, he is allowed to touch the art.
  • His business card simply says “I’ll call you.”
  • He has won the lifetime achievement award, twice.
  • His passport requires no photograph.
  • When he drives a new car off the lot, it increases in value.
  Jr. & Sr. in Big Chairs
  Jr. & Sr. taking a break between matches at the Atlantis Casino.
  The 2nd Most Interesting Man in the World & Teresa
  The 2nd Most Interesting Man in the World & Teresa were also at the Atlantis Casino.
  Fusion Victory Cheers
  At the end of a long volleyball day, why wouldn't you toast to all the Fusion U17 wins.
  Here are links to the Fusion Highlight Videos from each match this past weekend:
  Match 1 Highlights
  Match 2 Highlights
  Match 3 Highlights
  Match 4 Highlights
  Match 5 Highlights
  Match 6 Highlights
  Match 7 Highlights
  Match 8 Highlights
  Match 9 Highlights
  ...And of course, a new Alexis Highlight reel is coming soon! I've got over 24 minutes of great Alexis plays that I need to edit down to 6-10 minutes for her YouTube Channel.
  Alexis' YouTube Channel
  Click here for Alexis' YouTube Channel.
  And here are a few more pictures from Ben's trip to WrestleMania 29.
  Mania 29 Ring
  The Ring.
  The Stage
  The Stage/Entrance Ramp.
  April 22, 2013
  Volleyball  EZRegional Volleyball Tournament: It was a volleyball weekend at University Place, WA this past weekend.
  Click here or on the picture above to see Alexis' latest highlight reel.
  If the link above is a little slow, you can also watch all of Alexis' highlight videos on her YouTube Channel - TheLiberoLex (click here).
  On Saturday night, we dined at Marysville's oldest Mexican restaurant 'El Rinconcito'
  Yvonne & Alexis at El Rinconcito
  Yvonne eyes the chips & salsa while Alexis decides on an entree.
  When the weekend was over, Alexis' team finish tied for 3rd place. Woo!
  April 15, 2013
  Volleyball  EZLibero Lex: Here are the Libero Lex Highlights from Power League #4 Tournament.
  Libero Lex Power League #4 Highlights
  Click here or the above picture to see Alexis' latest video highlights.
  If the link above is a little slow, you can also watch all of Alexis' highlight videos on her YouTube Channel - TheLiberoLex (click here).
  Yesterday Shane came over and we compiled an Audrey Power League #4 Highlight video.
  Shane Wins Again
  Afterwards, he beat me again at pool (best 3 out of 5 this time...last time 8-4).  Argh!
  Click here to go to Audrey's YouTube Channel.
  April 14, 2013
  EZHalloween Picture: Alexis & Kyle in 1996.
  Halloween 1996: Alexis & Kyle
  Little Piglet & Pooh Bear.
  April 13, 2013
  EZNote: While we were in Spokane a few weekends ago, Darlene & Jan fed the cats.
  Darlene's Note
  This is the note Darlene left for us (apparently we were apple-less for their daily visits).
  Bo & Daisey
  The Cats...Bo & Daisy.
  I've updated the Mania page with a few items from this year's virtual event.  Click here to check it out.
  Login Hint: Are you a team thompson member?
  April 12, 2013
  Volleyball  EZLibero Lex: Doesn't she makes passing look easy?
  Here are a few pictures from last weekend's Power League #4 Volleyball Tournament of Alexis demonstrating her serve receive skills.
  Libero Lex Serve Receive
  Libero Lex dives forward to dig the ball.
  Another Libero Lex Serve Receive
  Libero Lex stands her ground as she digs the ball
  And One More Libero Lex Serve Receive
  Libero Lex moves laterally to dig the ball (with Yvonne documenting Alexis's stats on her iPad in the background).
  April 8, 2013
    EZHashtag: #GaryIsTheNewPredictionChampion
  The view from Ben Thompson's WrestleMania 29 Seats at MetLife Stadium.
  Ben's WreslteMania 29 Seats
  It a good thing Ben brought his Kleenex along, because his nose was bleeding at this altitude.
  He and his friend Coach made their way all the way down to the floor and were 20 rows from ringside for big main events.
  April 6, 2013
  Volleyball  EZPNQ Volleyball Weekend: Lots of pictures from the Spokane Pacific Northwest Qualifier Tournament.
  EZrv Parking
  That's Dan & Jenni's RV on the left and Shane & Teresa's RV on the right, with Gary & Yvonne's Tiguan in the foreground. Look carefully and you'll see Lex mid-toss in a game of Baggo.
  Enjoy some of the best action pictures from last weekend's tournament in Spokane.
  Kahlia, Lex & Audrey Prepare For A Serve Receive
  Kahlia, Lex & Audrey prepare for a serve receive.
  Lex Nice Pass
  Lex getting low for another perfect pass.
  Lex is the Center of Attention
  As the libero, Alexis is more often than not the center of attention.
  Lex Serve Part 1  Lex Serve Part 2  Lex Serve Part 3
  When Lex's jump serve is on (95% of the time)...It is lethal.
  Lex's Jump Serve
  And her jump serve from another angle.
  Fusion U17 Paparazzi
  The Fusion Paparazzi is all smiles.
  Intense Lex
  And YES...Winning points IS exciting.  Woo!!!
  Fusion U17 Paparazzi
  And here's another Fusion paparazzi picture.
  Shank DeBall & Dig Hammer
  Between matches, Shank DeBall (right) & his height challenged sidekick Dig Hammer (left) breakdown game film and discuss the day's court action.
  Shane DeBall's Team Interview
  Click here or on the picture above to see Shank DeBall's Fusion Team Interview.
  Shank DeBall's Top 10
  Click here or on the picture above to see Shank DeBall's PNQ Top 10
  Fusion U17 - The Blocks
  Click here or on the picture above to see the PNQ Weekend Blocks...aka: "NO Soup For You"
  Fusion U17 PNQ Tournament - The Hits
  Click here or on the picture above to see the PNQ Weekend's Greatest Hits.
  The other day at work I received shipment of 6 PDU server cables that I ordered. Each cable came specially packaged in an individual envelope which was then carefully encased and delivered in a separate box. 
  Gary's 6 Cables in 6 Boxes
  After this picture was sent to our supplier, they agreed to waive the $96.10 shipping charges.
  Click here to watch Felix Baumgartner Test Drives the 261 mpg Volkswagen XL1
  April 2, 2013
  EZMania T-shirt #5: Remember the very first Mania Weekend T-shirt?
  Gary Wearing His Mania #5 T-shirt
  This was the original Team Thompson Mania Weekend T-shirt from 2007 and it still goes down as my favorite Melissa design.
  This was also the Mania where I won the right to shave Kyle T's head.  Woo!!!

On our way home from the PNQ Volleyball Tournament in Spokane last weekend, we stopped at Mark & Debbie's house for a quick Easter visit and checked out their new teardrop camper.

  Mark & Debbie's Teardrop Camper
  As you can see, Yvonne & I fit quick comfortably inside of it.
  I had the day off from work yesterday and enjoyed some time outside.
  Marysville House
  The lawn is mowed...
  Marysville House 2
  ...and the Tiguan is washed after a 600+ mile round trip to Spokane = lots of bugs in the grill.
  Shane, Maddie & Gary at the High Performance Tryouts
  While Lex was at the High Performance Tryouts last Thursday in Spokane...Shane, Madeline & I killed some time at the Convention Center.
  Danny & Julia With Easter Eggs
  Danny & Julia were Easter Egg ready last weekend.
  Peep Cake
  And they made an Easter Peep cake.
  April 1, 2013
  EZBreaking News: Ben Thompson announced that he is going to WrestleMania with his friend 'Coach' courtesy of 2 complimentary tickets from work.
  Brother Ben Batista
  Here is Ben in 2005 as the Mania #3 Prediction Champion.
  EZBaby Pics: New Blake & Violet pictures equals lots of EZthompson page views.
  Blake & Violet
  Melissa writes: "It's been 7 weeks now, and he still asks to hold her everyday. And he loves to give her kisses, too!"
  More Blake & Violet
  It looks like Violet likes having her picture taken.
  Violet In The Stroller
  Here's violet in the stroller, waiting patiently for our walk to be over!
  Blake Stands Tall
  According to Melissa, Blake has been making more adventurous choices with his wardrobe lately.
  Volleyball     We were in Spokane over Easter weekend for the Pacific Northwest Qualifier Volleyball Tournament.  Alexis and her Fusion U17 team came in 9th place overall.  Alexis highlights will be posted in the coming days.
  Fusion U17 Spokane
  The team Pink'd It Up on Saturday to show their spirit and help in the fight against breast cancer!  Yvonne has been cancer free for 3 years now.  Woo!!!
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  Travel Distances
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