"There's no place I'd rather be than Team Thompson Headquarters."
Grandma Sue during a recent phone call

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Grandpa Gary gets published, again!
..click here for his latest editorial

Daniel & Julia's Halloween Video
...click here for their Halloween costumes

Daniel & Julia
...click here for a couple of Julia's 3rd Birthday pics

Alexis' CheerLeading Videos
...click here for '3's Company'

...click here for 'Let's Go

...click here for 'Fired Up'

...click here for 'Purple and Gold'

Grandpa Gary Big Shot Video

...Click Here for THE Exclusive EZthompson.com World Premiere

Daniel & Julia
...click here for June 2004 pics

Puerta Vallarta Pictures
...coming soon

Team Thompson Headquarters Pictures
...coming soon

Misc. Summer 2004 Pictures
...coming soon

Gary's Memorial Day Weeknd 2004 Journal
...click here for the second installment of his beach notes


Where's the Plasma Screen Gonna Go?

Grandpa Gary's New Look

Stylin' & Profilin' with his new look. Wooo!
Coming Soon...Melissa's Extreme Fashion Makeover
to Grandpa Gary's wardrobe.
Dare I say we may have seen the
last of Grandpa Gary in khaki pants and Audi polo shirts?

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